There’s nothing better than giving a positive twist on your tiring daily regimen with our favorite training session in the pool. However, while you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and have a hectic daily schedule, you will never know what lies around the corner.

We girls, however, never make excuses and face everything together with our heads held high… or nearly everything.

Here are five items just female swimmers can understand…

  1. This peckish feeling you get after swimming throughout the lunch break
  2. When you say”now I am going to wash my hair correctly”. Right.
  3. When you enter the changing room knowing you’re running very late.
  4. That slightly veiled sense of humiliation you get when you realise it’s been a bit too long since you had a proper wax.
  5. That burst of energy and energy when you get back to your studies or work after training.