The submerged phase is swimming stroke. To enhance this part of your swimmingpool, you have to glide through the water with flawless coordination.

He underwater stage is regarded as a very important part of any swim stroke. What’s the secret to doing it correctly?
The first key to your great underwater stage is maintaining your body perfectly compact under the surface of the water.

After shoving off, glide beneath the face of this water for a couple of seconds and start to move your hips and thighs without bending your spine too.

The motion should start from your buttocks and keep along your thighs , coordinating your thighs lift and then kick. Ensure that your upper body is fully stretched in the ideal position.

Your leg kick must initially be profound and potent , slowly speeding up with faster. Shallower moves.

Powerfin and Powerfin Experts are a great way of enhancing your submerged stage : they can allow you to control your body motion and permit you to feel that the water better.