As a”hardcore” swimmer I have not been especially keen on anything apart from a traditional swimming suit, swim goggles and cap.

And even though I’ve always liked”listening to” the water through my coaching sessions, I strove to substitute the noise of water using something with a more catchy beat.

As most of us know, music is very effective and can influence our frame of mind, summoning our internal strength and assisting us really concentrate. That’s the reason why so many athletes turn up in the starting blocks sporting their cans and that’s why music is regarded as”doping” in different sport (i.e. running) and therefore prohibited from races.

Arena fulfilled my sceptical curiosity by letting me check out its new watertight softball Guru MP3 player.

It’s also quite compact in size using an easy-to-read display.

Attached firmly to my goggles for relaxation functions (however it is also possible to attach it to a swim cap or match ), it didn’t disturb me at all, as it’s actually lightweight. This is really a bonus, especially during lengthy training sessions. Incidentally, a “miniature” version has lately been brought out that’s much more comfortable since it’s much smaller.

Thus far so good, however, what I was curious about is to determine how comfy and hard-wearing the earphones are while still swimming. As a result of my physical construct I’ve always had difficulties with earphones, since they never fit my ears correctly, they go around and can be quite bothersome in the long term. Luckily, and because of Arena’s experience, softball Guru waterproof earphones fit me perfectly and aren’t bothersome in any way, letting me concentrate solely on my swim stroke.

Obviously it’ll take a while to become used to them, but I am convinced that this gadget will turn into a loyal training companion.

It appears to be utterly ideal for my quite long and occasionally boring triathlon coaching sessions. Its big memory means that I will download 50 hours of audio and also the battery life is 15 hours…. . So I’d forget to recharge it occasionally!

I also have begun using it from the water throughout my triathlon training sessions, either on the bike and outside running.

1 piece of advice I’d love to offer you is to give it a try through your longer coaching sessions, such as during fartlek sessions. Attempt to swim nonstop for half an hour or two kilometers, alternating 150 metres freestyle at aerobic speed and 50 metres quickly. You may have fun with your MP3 switching songs with 120-130 BPMs throughout more aerobic exercise paces with tunes using greater BPMs when shifting up to a quicker speed.